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We work thinking of our clients. We are their allies to optimize the quality, quantity and efficiency of their messages.

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The company


Since 1998 we have been focussed on offering services to our clients. Thousands of companies have trusted us to manage the communication in their companies and to solve their information needs. The high level of satisfaction and quality in the services we offer proves us as one of the most serious stable and reliable companies in our local area (Comunidad Valenciana).


We have received numerous awards during our professional record. Since 2008 we have been ranked in the top 50 PR companies in the country.

We are also committed to quality, and we are accredited with SICTED (given by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism).


We understand a company as a social institution, which has to relate to its environment and keep in touch with it. TARSA is member of local and national associations of Public Relations, Advertising and Communication.

We also collaborate with the corporative social responsability, working with benefical and cultural entities.


Public Relations and Communication

The main pillar in good communication strategy is to take care of the relationship between the company and the institutions, choose the correct channel, message and answer in the most efficient way.

Reputation Management

The image that our clients, providers and shareholders have of us can not be the same as what we transmit. TARSA is a professional company in managing reputation and it is a garantee of problem solving.

Management of Events and Congresses

We understand the events as an integral communication activity between the client and their target. What makes us differet is that we respect and maintain the essence of the event contributing with improvements which make it unique, effective and succesful, due to the dedication of our teams in every project.

Digital Marketing

Nowadays we can not talk about communication without contemplating social media, mobile apps, responsive web (adapted to mobile phones). Do you need good communication?


Everything that a company does is part of the image that their clients have of it. A good strategy can help you to be profitable in terms of finance and image.

Talent Management

During our professional path we have specialized in Talent Management. Celebrities, actors, models, support staff… Do you think that they could be helpful for you? Contact us and we will assist you.

Some of the clients who trusted us: